From Our Farm to Your Table

Eggs from Farms

20% are produced on site at our farm, while the other 80% of eggs come to us from other local family farms.

Separating Eggs

The process begins when flats of eggs are lifted with gentle suction cups onto a moving conveyor belt.

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Cleaning Eggs

The eggs are vigorously washed and rinsed.

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Now the clean eggs are ready for inspection. This process is called candling and involves a strong light that’s used to inspect the condition of the shell and looking for any irregularities in the egg.

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At various checkpoints throughout the grading process, small pegs are used to tap the eggs and monitor their frequency. This determines whether the egg has any cracks in the shell and if it has been compromised.

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Shell Grading

Eggs are separated based on the size of their shell and weight requirements. From here, they’re sent to find the packaging that fits.

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The eggs are packed in cartons or fibre flats and ready to make their impression on consumers.

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Storage & Shipping

The eggs have passed inspection and are ready to leave our nest. Eggs are stored in a temperature-controlled cooler until they’re loaded onto refrigerated trucks to begin their journey to grocery stores and businesses.

Your Table

Our eggs are delivered from our farm to your table in 6 - 10 days. Burnbrae Farms and our producers are committed to providing fresh, quality, affordable eggs that are delicious and safe for your family to eat. To learn more about Burnbrae Farms and the products we bring to your table visit us at