Meet the Longtin Family
Living just down the road from the land of his ancestors, farming is a source of pride for 3rd generation farmers Daniel and Lynn Longtin. Twelve years ago, they bought the farm from Daniel's parents, Conrad and Gislaine Longtin to continue the family tradition. They keep 17,000 hens and produce Omega 3 eggs on their eastern Ontario farm.

The Longtins have 3 daughters – Jessica (23), Veronique (22) and Valerie (20). Jessica and Valerie work in Ottawa and live at home, they help out on the farm from time to time when they are not working at their jobs. Veronique now lives in Ottawa, working for a hospital. She still helps around the house and on the farm when visiting home. Lynn is a school bus driver so is very well known in the community as she shuttles the precious cargo of school children to and from their homes. And as soon as she finishes her run, she goes straight to the barn to help Daniel with the chores.

The Longtin's work hard to care for their hens and make improvements to their facilities. They recently installed a new ventilation system in their barn that is fully automated and delivers a more uniform temperature and air quality throughout. They also renovated the barn and installed all new equipment in 2010.

Daniel is a member of the regional Egg Producers Committee of Egg Farmers of

Ontario for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell and has been for ten years.

The family loves the outdoors and spends as much of their free time as possible camping, skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking in the forest.
"When we´re in the city, my wife and daughters drag me shopping," says Daniel.

"We are proud to produce a safe, nutritious and quality product," says Daniel. "We are also proud that we were one of the first 10 farms to receive our national HACCP certification. Your family eats the eggs we produce and we take that very seriously."

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