Meet the Gross Family
George and Susie Gross are fourth generation farmers on the Big Bend Colony just outside Cardston, Alberta. Along with their 7-year old daughter Rachel, the family raises 20,000 white layers and 6,000 pullets.
When he’s not tending to the hens, he’s looking after about 600 sows. During the summer months, the colony is busy growing approximately 8,000 acres of cash crops. Year round, when he’s finished his own chores with the hens and pigs, he helps his brother in his dairy barn where they milk 80 cows.

Susie is busy too, she is one of five kindergarten teachers at the colony’s pre-school where she teaches the children and generally looks after the youngest of the colony’s members.

Spending time with family is very important to the Gross’ and in their free time, George and Susie are also happy to help educate people about farming. “People don’t know where their eggs and milk come from,” says George. “You have to be a farmer to really know what farming is all about. You have to love it to do it well. We’re proud to be farmers and happy to share our experience with others.”

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