Food Safety
Our farmers are committed to providing fresh, quality affordable eggs that are both delicious and safe for your family to eat.

Food safety measures have been implemented both on all farms and at the egg grading stations to ensure only the best quality eggs are ultimately delivered to consumers.

All Canadian egg farmers are enrolled in an on-farm food safety program that’s based on HACCP principles. This includes a very extensive salmonella control program. The program, known as Start Clean-Stay Clean™ determines possible risks within a production facility and adopts ways to reduce those risks. The program is administered by the Egg Farmers of Canada and is officially recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

All regulated egg farms in Canada are inspected at least once annually by trained officers. Reports are completed, and if necessary, follow-up inspections occur. Since the first on-farm food safety program was introduced, our farmers have made continuous improvements to ensure eggs are kept clean and safe.

A major focus of Start Clean-Stay Clean™ is biosecurity. Layer hen barns are only accessible to authorized personnel like the farmers and veterinarians. These people make certain their clothes and footwear are clean and disinfected before coming in contact with the hens. Extra measures are also taken to prevent the hens and eggs from coming in contact with rodents, birds and wildlife that can carry disease.

Once the eggs are collected on farm they are transported to a grading station. All grading stations must meet strict food safety standards set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
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