Meet the Bloemen Family
Samantha Bloemen was born to farm. A third generation farmer, she started and worked her own farm for six years before she met and married Willem. They now have two little ones to run after – Lucas is 18 months old and Ben was born on Mother’s Day, 2012.

On their Middlesex County farm in Ontario, Willem and Samantha keep 20,000 brown hens in a free run barn, producing organic eggs. In addition to their hens, they are also involved in Willem’s family’s dairy farm where they milk 400 cows. They grow silage corn and haylage for the cows and sell what they don’t need to their neighbours.

When they have spare time, Samantha and Willem play soccer, volleyball and skate. Willem earned his pilot’s license and now flies a two-seater plane for fun.

The Bloemen’s recently moved to their new home and are still enjoying getting to know the area and their new neighbours.

The Bloemen’s have an ‘animal farm’ for their children including rabbits, chickens, ducks, goats, potbellied pig and soon to come, a mini pony and alpaca. “Lucas loves the farm and runs straight to the animal farm when he gets to the barn,” says Samantha. “He climbs on the rocks with the goats, feeds all the little animals and tries to catch the bunnies.”

Samantha and Willem are proud of what they do. Samantha is also a strong advocate for women farmers. “I always tell my husband, women can farm, too.”

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